Chronic Health Care

Not every illness is a single, acute occurrence. Some require long-term therapy and monitoring. At Northland Animal Hospital, our doctors are well equipped to diagnose, treat, and create long-term care plans for chronic health needs. We have in-house diagnostics available to monitor progress in real time, making adjustments as needed on a day to day basis. No need to wait days or longer for results!

Often, as pets get older, we see a general “slowing down” that’s attributed to age. Some of these changes may reflect underlying illness that can be corrected or managed to help return your friend to his youthful self! Arthritis, allergies, thyroid conditions, and diabetes are not uncommon in both dogs and cats, as well as any number of other things from kidney disease to cancer. Many illnesses have treatment options. It’s important to stay on top of these conditions to maximize not only length of life, but quality!