Not all surgery is created equal. At Northland, we go the extra mile to make sure our surgery is above the standard of care. We perform simple and complex procedures ranging from skin mass removals to orthopedic repairs and foreign body removals. Patients undergoing scheduled surgical procedures are admitted to the hospital first thing in the morning by our experienced technicians. This allows plenty of time for a pre-operative physical exam, administration of initial medications and placement of an IV catheter. Scheduled surgeries are performed Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, with emergencies available on an as needed basis.

Surgical care begins before the patient is even dropped off. The week before a surgical procedure is scheduled, patients are able to come in for pre-anesthetic blood testing. These tests are recommended for all patients and required after patients become “middle-aged.” Pre-anesthetic blood testing ensures that your pet’s anesthetic procedure is as safe as possible. The results allow veterinarians to create tailored anesthetic plans, specific to your pet’s needs. For example, a pet with kidney disease may need special fluid therapy or different medications when compared to a pet with healthy kidneys. The night before surgery, you will be called to remind you that your pet should not eat breakfast. Breakfast the morning of surgery will result in rescheduling an elective procedure. Patients who have eaten shortly before surgery are at greater risk for complications, such as vomiting before, during or after a procedure. Avoidable risks are best avoided!

During your pet’s stay, he or she will have space in a heated, quiet recovery ward to minimize stress. All patients undergoing anesthesia have an IV catheter, receive intravenous fluids and are closely monitored using ECG, pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitors. We have a licensed technician actively monitoring your pet while under anesthesia, to help ensure that things go smoothly.

If your pet has a surgical need, feel free to call for more information or to set up a consultation!