Northland Animal Hospital specializes in preventative care. Vaccines, early disease detection, parasite prevention and regular physical exams are critical in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Puppies, adults and elderly pets all have different needs. We can help sort through the mountains of information to come up with a preventative care plan tailored specifically to your pet’s lifestyle and stage. From puppyhood to the twilight years, your pet will be a family member for life. Each life phase has different needs. The veterinarians at Northland love getting to know your pet at each point. Routinevvaccines are not one size fit all. We believe in a custom care approach, suited to you and your pet’s lifestyle. For example, if Fido frequents the groomer, a kennel cough vaccine is a good idea, but if he never leaves the house, that one might not be necessary. Our vaccines are backed by science and efficacy guarantees. We focus on safe vaccine protocols for your furry family, meaning pets only get the vaccines that their lifestyle dictates. When you receive a vaccine from a veterinarian at Northland, you can be sure that it is the highest quality, safest and most efficacious vaccine available.

Vaccines are not the only part of a preventative care plan. Disease screening plays an important role in wellness care. Fecal checks evaluate for parasites you may not even know your pet has picked up from the environment. Blood screens look for early signs of illness, heartworm disease and check medication levels. Urine tests can indicate signs of infection, diabetes, kidney function or bladder stones. These screens allow your veterinarian to detect illness in its earliest and most treatable form. Wellness care begins with regular exams and testing to ensure that a long and healthy life is an
attainable goal.

Year-round preventatives are another important aspect of our treatment approach. Did you know that the cost of heartworm prevention for the life of your pet is frequently less than the cost of treatment should your pet become heartworm positive? When buying parasite preventatives through Northland, you are buying more than just a monthly chewable. Our products are guaranteed effective by the manufacturer when purchased through our hospital. That means if your pet is infected by one of the covered parasites, a portion or all of the required treatment may be covered. Our veterinarians are constantly attending continuing education, researching new products and talking with parasitologists to be sure that the products we recommend are the best available. When buying through our hospital, we can offer incentives such as buy three doses, get one free on topical parasite preventatives or a $12 rebate on 12 doses of Heartgard. These incentives often bring the cost down to below what is available through online pharmacies.

Wellness and preventative care is the best path to ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet. While we are here for you when illness strikes, we love seeing our patients regularly for their routine checkups!