Puppies and kittens are exciting additions to any family. Senior adoptees are wonderful, too! However, bringing a new pet into the home also presents challenges. We are here to help with the transition. From first vaccines to introductions to existing pets, we can offer advice and guidance to help integrate your new furry family member.

After reviewing any records that your new pet may have come with, we can discuss appropriate next steps to be sure that the transition is smooth and healthy. New pets can come with parasites that affect existing housemates or may have not had vaccines needed in their new environment. A complete history review is included with your first visit, so we will be up to speed on any needs.

These first visits often involve many questions, so we offer an extended appointment just in case. It is important that we have enough time to explore all the new aspects of pet ownership that you may encounter and answer questions that arise. Diet, behavior, housemate integration, vaccines and preventatives are all part of the tailored, individual pet approach at Northland Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians work with you to design a care plan that fits your new pet’s needs.