We at Northland Animal Hospital continue to be grateful to our amazing clients, who have helped make the chaos of 2020 much easier to manage. The adaptability of our clients, along with the dedication of our staff, has allowed us to be able to continue operations as an essential business and to continue providing the necessary care to our patients. Our clients’ willingness to delay wellness care needs for their pets has allowed us to still meet their pets’ needs and those of others within a reasonable time frame. The scheduling of food and prescription pickups has also been a significant help in making sure that we can fulfill and get these items out to our clients with little to no delay.

The change to curbside service has been one of the biggest adjustments for everyone. We have always prided ourselves on not only our patient care, but our customer service as well. Not having our clients in the building as we perform exams, discuss care needs, and catch up on how the family is doing has been difficult for our staff, who enjoy this part of being your other family doctor. Ultimately, though, these protocols have allowed our business to avoid long term shutdowns, client exposures, extensive contact tracing, and staff losses, with the few COVID exposures we have experienced. These protocols are an undesired change to the standards of customer care that we enjoy, but as we look forward, we find it is necessary to continue with and improve upon them for everyone’s protection.

As part of these improvements, we have created an indoor common area for the patient exchange. This area was designed with infection controls such as airflow, barriers, social distancing, and cleaning routines in place to help keep everyone safe.

Beginning on December 14th, we will be making changes to our curbside service. The process will be similar, in that you will still call the clinic when you arrive to check-in, and a staff member will call you back to review your pet’s history. You will then be instructed on when to bring your pet into the patient exchange area. In this room, there is the option to leave your pet in a cage or kennel (for larger dogs), as well as an area to place your cat carrier. After you have placed your pet in the designated area, we will have you return to your vehicle, and then a staff member will bring your pet into the hospital for care. If you are unable to use stairs or have other limitations that will not allow you to do this, please let our staff know when you make your appointment or at check-in so that we can make alternative arrangements.

We appreciate your understanding of these procedures and look forward to returning to the normal appointment process in the future, as conditions allow. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our clinic so that we can ensure we are providing you the best service we can.

Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page for information relating to our pets and the coronavirus. We will post any news, information, or future changes to our operations via these sources, as well as on our patient app, PetDesk.

For information on COVID and pets please visit:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Veterinary Medical Association